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In the land of footy, sunnies and macca’s, you’ll be right hun.

Kangaroo feeding
Featherdale wildlife park, Sydney, Australia

If I ever said that Australia is beautiful, It’d be a few sandwiches off a picnic. Because Australia is beyond words. And after spending almost a decade in Sydney, I have learnt how to speak Australian a bit. And trust me, it is not less than learning a new language altogether.

“But wait. Don’t they speak English in Australia?” Ignorance is bliss my friend until you visit this country and try to order a coffee.

It's time for a cappuccino @Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

In my opinion, Aussie cafés create the best cuppa in the world. “Oi barista-you beauty!”

Australia gave Hollywood it’s VIRGINIA WOOLF(Nicole Kidman in “The Hours”), WOLVERINE(Hugh Jackman Of course in every “X-men” movie), KATHERINE HEPBURN(Cate Blanchett in “The Aviator”) even THOR (Chris Hemsworth in every “Thor” movie), MIRANDA KERR, DON BRADMAN, even WARNIE (SHANE WARNE) and if I try to mention anymore, this post will be like a boomerang where every time you throw one name, another one just comes back on it’s own. Australia after all!

Featherdale wildlife park, Sydney, Australia

You’d find Australia mesmerizing to visit and astounding to live. Out of a billion great things about this country, I am going to enlist my favorites. These are my favorite Aussie borns.


Just as the heading in the words of CHARLIE CHAPLIN, Australia takes her humor seriously. There are laughs everywhere. From billboards to TV advertisements, everything is hilarious.

NSW police Instagram profile is hillarious

Got ya bathers as pressie. Sun and Chrissie together mate. Only in Oz.” Which means "I've got you swimming clothes as a present. Summer and Christmas together . Only in Australia."

If you research Australian English and slangs, you would know where the Australians get their sense of humor from -

Of course, once you get the gist of it, it’d all make sense and you wouldn’t have to bail out of Aussie comedy anymore mate!

One absolute Aussie amusement is the colloquial language. What Hollywood did to JLO and JLAW, Australia does to everything. People in Australia have to chop every word or phrase. So, an avocado becomes an avo, a present becomes a pressie, a sick leave becomes a sickie, barbecue becomes barbie, lipstick becomes lippie, Mc’Donald’s becomes Maccas, thank you becomes Ta, and, here comes the mind-blowing revelation, this is exactly why a self-portrait photograph became a “SELFIE”.

Yeah right! I have proof -

And just as we’re already here, what do you reckon about BOOMERANG mate?


If you want to know about the great longing details about the bridge, you’d rather read Wikipedia.

However, my point is how pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles and even trains are all sharing this wonderful structure all together. The breathtaking views around the bridge are to die for. If you take a ferry from Manly beach to Circular Quay, just when it starts to get dark, you get to see things, that live with you for the rest of your lives. The Opera House and the Harbour Bridge never look the same except when made in a cocktail with sunset.

If you are in Sydney at the New Year's Eve, and your mate invites you to see the fireworks, and you, bail out of it because you are scared of the crowd, you have no idea what you’ll be missing out on.

What do you reckon? Are those fireworks worth the trouble? They are absolutely worth the pushing crowd of couples waiting to propose, plus teenagers going on adults, plus parents carrying kids on their shoulders to catch a glimpse of the show for their disinterested children, plus just ruthless “30 is the new 20” believers, you need to conquer. If you are able to flag the mission impossible, good on ya!


Barbie or BARBECUE is the essence of Australia. It brings out friends and families together. It takes kids away from their gadgets and brings the vintage backyard play time to life again. There is no wrong time to get the Barbie in action.

Peppa pig in Australia with Kylie Kangaroo

It is something that is just the thing to do whether it’s a celebration, public event or even fundraising. From celebrity chefs to the dad next door, all have mastered BARBIE recipes over years and years of practice.

I can hardly think of a public place in Australia where you wouldn’t find a BBQ. Public parks to personal backyards, all pertain some kind of a BARBIE. All you got to do is, marinate some veggies and meat and you’re all set darl.

Australian fatherhood is kinda incomplete without 2 traits – a) Dad jokes and b) BARBIE skills.


A few years ago, I watched UNDERBELLY and I said to myself “how could a true story be told so convincingly?” Carl Williams and Kiwi Terry became the talk of our house. My husband and I were like two hostages of the series, developing STOCKHOLM SYNDROME.

Every minute detail was a beauty on screen. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Well! There’s a reason for that 8.2 IMDB rating love! Which, if I could, given, another legend, “BREAKING BAD” is 9.5, I would make 10 on 10. (,

So, I love Netflix and I love binge watching. In fact, I wait for a really good TV series to end telecasting and then to binge watch it. It’s my forte. You can call me weird or even ridiculous. But that’s just who I am- an impatient gal who is choc a block with me babies and me coffee.

So, when I watched Orange is The New Black, I am not embarrassed to say this, felt like my dental school hostel back in India. Apart from the difference between the cultures, I have to admit that a few moments were even a tad nostalgic. So, it made me think that Piper and many of the other girls were not too different from any other girls. They just took a wrong turn at some stage of their lives. I became a fan for life.

Then came a day when WENTWORTH premiered on the tellie or television. I had the epiphany that prison, is indeed like prison and not a girl’s hostel. I finally appreciated why “PRISONER-CELL BLOCK H” had such a huge fan following. But alas, Daniell Cormack killed it as "Bea Smith". There could not have been a better "Queen Bae". And Nicole da Silva as "Franky" was absolutely legit because the character was made for her. The "Freak Ferguson" never failed to freak me out at the bare mention of Pamela Rabe because of the life she gave to the character. And yet, Katrina Milosevic as "Boomer" won many hearts. All others were astounding too.

Moreover, the show was successful because of a combination of everything great about it. The cast, the storyline, the script, the direction, the editing, the shots, the background music, was all outstanding.


Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!

Nope It belongs to the KIWIS!

Australia and New Zealand have been fighting over their claim to have discovered PAV or Pavlova since forever. But, since I am talking about Australia here, I’ll give this one to her for now.

But having Pavlova for the first time could be compared to the joy of having a Gondola ride in Venice, a pedicure in Bali, a cuppa tea on the streets of Mumbai or finding your dream dress in Paris.

Pavlova is the finest creation with meringue. Fruits get a gorgeous makeover when they sit on top of a Pav. Pav is awesome!

If you are a chocoholic like me, you have definitely had TIM TAMS in Australia. Because if you haven’t, I think, you are lying to yourself.

TIM TAMs are my all-time guilty pleasure. Kudos to "Arnott’s" for the creation. The "TIM TAM SLAM" made history way before the "Ice Bucket challenge", "Mannequin challenge" and even the "Kiki challenge". The chocolate filling, the Arnott’s biscuits and the decadent chocolate topping, mmuah. MAMAMIA!


Since 1991, kids have been dancing to the tune of “ready, steady wiggle!”

If there’s a wiggles’ concert in town, and it clashes with a grown ups’ concert, the latter has a Buckley’s chance. At least it feels that way!

The wiggles aren’t just 4 colorful persons dancing on screen. They are trained and professional musicians. Their music is both educational and fun for the children. They teach kids about multiculturalism, practical skills, letters and numbers, animals, professions, food and whatnot.

“In the 24 years since its formation, the Wiggles has sold over seven million albums, 23 million DVDs, and 8 million books based on their infectious enthusiastic songs aimed at little ones.”

as quoted from 4 years ago-

The best part is that their performances are far effective than any other children’s music group. In Australia, THE WIGGLES are an essence to any household with little kids who begin their day with “wake up Lachey”, dance to “Cho Cho Chaga Chaga Big Red Car” and love eating while “Hot Potato” plays in the background. Girls want to be Emma wearing her big yellow bow.


OPORTO is Australia’s delicious Portuguese baby. The food chain has something to cater for all taste buds. You could get a basic Bondi burger if you are hungry or you could stack up more of those perfectly grilled and flavored chicken fillets to make it a double or even a triple fillet burger depending on your appetite.

And the sauces are lip smacking. Almost every food court has an Oporto outlet because all said and done, it is flame grilled chicken, with the choice of your sauce. What’s not to like mate?

GUZMAN Y GOMEZ is the answer to my Mexican cravings. Healthy, tasty, fresh, appetizing, quick, meat, veggies, beans, salsa, mild or hot, tortilla, guacamole, churros, jalapenos, brown rice, beer, nachos, quesadilla, enchiladas, burrito bowl and absolutely perfect TACOS. This food chain has got it all covered. It has conquered it all. All ticks in the boxes love!


Age is just a number. Said no one ever! Or rather, said no one who is travelling with kids ever. But not in Australia. Australia has something to offer for everyone. It is a heaven for kids and for their parents. Because, I cross my heart and hope to die when I say this, KIDS ARE HUMANS TOO AND THEY HAVE NEEDS.

You will know why I said that when you need a place to change a nappy in the middle of a park. Or when you want to take the baby stroller everywhere you go. Or you need a quiet place to feed your baby. Or you just need a playground next to your outdoor picnic. Or maybe an indoor play area when it is pouring outside.

And additionally, if you have seen "KYLIE KANGAROO" episodes of PEPPA PIG, you know almost everything about OZ. And just like Mr.Wallaby and Mr.Kangaroo, Australia is full of warm and friendly faces.

I can think of a thousand other things to write, but I dunno if and when, would I be able to stop if I continue. So, I reckon, it’s best for me to take off now. Catch ya later!

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