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Updated: Jan 7, 2019

How many pieces of clothing and accessories do you possess? I’m sure the answer is “a lot”. And how do you choose what to wear when you get dressed every day? If you are a fashionista, you undoubtedly have your tips. However, if you are like me, you just keep wearing the same kind of stuff for days until, a friend reminds you at an event that you need to move on

Having said that, the way you dress up can create a lasting impression and you could be known as “that girl in the Golden Hoops” or “woman in the red sweater” or “lady in purple sandals” or “the girl wearing the cute pink beanie” or "the smoky eyes” or “the punk bracelet gal” for years to come. 

As girls, we are all emotional morons. Sometimes, we don’t even realise how and why we experience a particular feeling at a specific time or day. We are Bonafide uptight sassy mouth wannabe divas. I can’t even...!

Every one blames it on hormones, and it could be true, but it is what it is. However, it is not always PMS! Seriously! Ever heard of serotonin, estrogen, thyroid? Anyone?

It is something that makes us unique. It is something that unites us in different categories of sisterhood. And dudes can never relate to the eternal bond we share with our girlfriends. There's no point trying. Give it up already guys!

The dressing up or down of a girl is related to her emotional scale reading on the day in question. In my case, the story goes somewhat like this:


These are the best days. When you want to do your best. When you are happy to give. When all you want is to spread joy. When you are just thankful to have been blessed with a healthy and wonderful life. When you are feeling content and blessed. 

These days call for your best look. You are dressy, but you don’t take it too far. You want to be pretty and comfy at the same time. A long skirt, a maxi dress, a floral print scarf, a nude lipstick or a strappy pair of flats. 

2. 😎 I AM COOL

When you feel the swag. When your insta says “love my look”. When you are confident to take on the world. When you don’t give a damn to what the others talk or think behind your back.

Such days are for distressed jeans and a white top or a comfy shorts and a casual T-shirt. Period. 


These are the particularly funny and/or flirtatious days. Your sense of humor is experiencing high tide. Be it a coffee with the cute one from the bar last night or a date night with the love of your life or a brunch with the girlies or even a play date with your kid, you’re all set. In fact, you are eager enough to initiate the plan. 

The little black dress, the sequin, the off shoulder, the mini, the crop top, the 4 inches heels, the tassel earrings and of course, the red lipstick. Way to go.


There are days when you feel like you need to give it to them. When you can’t help being funny and outrageous at the same time. When you do get noticed by all, but appreciated by some, people who are at the same wavelengths as you. They get you and applaud you. However, the others don’t even realize that the joke is on them. 

The days for monochrome, denim on denim, non-coordinated looks, unconventionally long earrings, mismatched colors, bold word tee choices and boots under a maxi dress. You go girl!


Special days when you are the prime focus. Your birthday, your anniversary, your promotion, your hen’s night, your baby shower, your celebration of any kind. The days which are all about you. The days, that you wish, would never end. When you feel like a queen and you can’t stop smiling. 

That special dress you bought just for the day, which could be a dressy gown, a floral skirt, a cocktail dress or even a pair of jeans depending on what you need to make yourself feel special. You beauty!


When you are laid back, sleepy, tired or just lazy. When you don’t want to put in any effort in dressing up and stepping out. When you just want your “things to do list” to take a back seat and all you need is a couch, coffee, some books and Netflix. However, you can’t take a sickie from life and you have to put a straight face and face the world. 

The days for wearing the comfy black top with the comfy fit denim along with your everyday studs for earrings and black ballet flats. Can’t go wrong with those!


Days when you spend all the time you have looking for inspiration. When you absorb all energy around you. When you gather wisdom from everything around you and embrace positivity. When you just want to break free off all the tension in your mind, body and soul. When you want to be comfortable with not just your look, but also the feel of your look. 

The most perfectly crafted kurti with those dhoti pants or leggings, strong eyeliner, silver jewelry, free spirited hair and the perfect Kolhapuri chappals or jutis. 


When you sit down and process your knowledge and wisdom. When you apply your thoughts into practical life with confidence and commitment. Everything from getting dressed to your performance at work undergoes a series of trials and you put your best step forward after careful analysis of the research you have been doing on that subject until then. 

These days are for the newly bought items, perfectly matched with accessories, shoes and make up. You generally give a lot of thought during the decision making of what all will go together with that one new item. The overall look is solid because it makes you feel content with the choices.

It is absolutely my ultimate kept secret that I have dared to reveal. And I’m confident that it is the case with everybody. Yes, I am being pragmatic. Emotions and feelings drive our looks. Am I right or am I right?

The way we dress up talks a lot about our state of mind. It is a silent, yet powerful way of expression. So girlies, take care of yourself. You have the gifted ability to express through a variety of channels. So don’t hold back. Move over “Dress to impress” and embrace “Dress for yourself” and let your sensitivity breathe through your creativity. Give it to them, on their faces, by doing your own thing.  

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Jan 02, 2019

Thank you brpriyanka for the wonderful comment. I'm really grateful.


Jan 02, 2019

Thanks a lot Priyanka Sodhi. I'm glad you liked it.


Jan 02, 2019

Wow you are doing a very great work. Awesome blog. Loved it. All outfit are superb and you too beautiful. Keep it up. I wish this year you will get success. Lots of love😍❤💯


Priyanka Sodhi
Priyanka Sodhi
Jan 01, 2019

Move over "Dress to Impress". Loved it!


Dec 31, 2018

Thanks for being my on call fashion consultant sweetheart.


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