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Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Are you the kind of person who likes to go the extra mile or are you the kind who believes in keeping it mild? I am the latter who is just too lazy to even do the basic and in the rarest of the rare case, when my mom or my sister does it for me, I like to completely eradicate it, or, to the very least buffer it out so strongly, that it seems non-existent.

Well! I am talking about dressing up. In fact, I am a master of DRESSING DOWN. It is the utmost important ambition in my life. My dream is to make a change and make this overdressed and sparkly world a better place by inculcating my values into everyone and influencing people’s quench and chase for bling and divert their brains into the act of UNDERPLAY. Period.


ALL THAT GLITTERS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT GOLD. I feel that, you and I, almost never need to keep it all glittery. It just takes the oomph out of it. Just imagine someone, wearing a sequin top and a sequin bottom, with a sequin hair accessory and earrings, and of course a sequined pair of shoes. Need I say more?

The image above is off-putting for the soul and blinding for the eyes. I can’t think of any human being possibly giving it a thumbs up. I would rather give others a heads up to prevent visual damage by such a “sequined” person.

The solution is to DE sensationalize it. My rule of thumb is to choose one blingy piece, and the rest has to act as a buffer instead of a catalyst. Keep it blank. A sequin dress should be paired with a basic hairdo, simple stud earrings, no other accessories on body and plain, non blingy shoes. Plus, going monochrome with separates is a no no for bling.

2. PDA

The annoying couple that doesn’t care about other people’s discomfort over their excessive and extensive PDA or public display of affection is the worst. They are apparently perfect together and perfect for each other. It almost feels like they are so much into each other, that there is no space for any other emotion whatsoever.

Talking of monochrome, it is one trend that will never go off stream, if done right. However, if you wear everything hot pink from head to toe, you are inspiring and attractive to only my daughter who is 2 years old and probably thinks you are a giant doll. A complete Faux Pas.

Gone are the days when a red top and a red skirt could only be worn with red shoes, red earrings and a red lipstick. Remember your childhood? Well, if you are ready for adulting, opposites attract.


Contrast is the way to go. Shoes of a strikingly different colour that you feel, will never go with what you are wearing, or a handbag that pops out from your perfectly matched, subtle look, or even a blood red lipstick with a subtle pastel outfit will add bonus points to your look.

But remember to keep it to one item only. Even a handbag, that matches with your hairclips, will spoil it for you. So, limit yourself and do not, ever, be tempted to add another.


Cosmetics are like the fairy Godmother that, unlike our soul sister Cinderella, isn’t really magical, although, they completely change the way you look.

I came across some videos recently about the use of make up with such diligence, that it was disturbing. It left me in shock. Literally.

The use of cheek lifting tape, excessive contouring, a hundred layers of different stuff, nose stuffing and almost sculpting it with some stuff, lipstick that makes your pout look two inches wider, Gothic eye make up; I mean it sure is a form of art, but I really don’t have any words of appreciation that will justify my existence with that on my face. Underplay please!


As dramatic as it may be, listening to an exchange of curse words amongst a couple is awkward and even excruciating. “You can and undoubtedly should tone it down people.”

Personally, I am a fan of smoky eyes. Although, I can never get it right on my own. But, the key is to keep everything else nudish to light pink. Loud makeup simulates a loud fight that everybody has to witness.

“Even if you have to disagree in public, keep it poised.”

If you go for a bright lipstick with heavy makeup, then I suggest to subtle it out on the overall look by picking almost nil accessories and a comparatively less heavy outfit. You never ever need to go all the way.

I’m not an expert in fashion, but there’s just this one thing that I have learnt, that although YOLO, but whether it is humor, love, an action sequence, PDA or your OOTD, OTT is best avoided.

**PDA stands for Public Display of Affection

**YOLO stands for You Only Live Once

**OOTD stands for Outfit Of The Day

**OTT stands for Over The Top

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Jan 16, 2019

Thanks Priyanka. Your appreciation is my motivation.


Priyanka Sodhi
Priyanka Sodhi
Jan 16, 2019

Loved the PDA part. Fashion faux pas!


Jan 16, 2019

I'm glad you liked it. You are a Rockstar. 😍😍


Jan 16, 2019

Hey Richa ... that reminds me of my footwear That needs to b pulled out...😚well written 😍some do’s n don’t


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