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Wander! Don't you dare walk.

And think about the wrongs

Whether they came at you

Or if it was you, they came from

Wake up! Don't you dare sleep.

And think of all that was not ok

All that you lacked today

Making your poetry prosaic,

And all that you will lack the next day

Procrastinate! Don't you dare produce.

What if it isn't perfect?

What if you are inept?

And are disappointed after

All effort will be for nothing but

The days will just be darker.

Isolate! Don't you dare love.

What if you don't feel loved back

And instead their words and their actions

Seem like a series of envious caveats?

What if you stop loving altogether

Consumed with this cycle of anhiliation

And your heart has no space left for love intake?

Sulk! Don't you dare cheer up.

Life has always been harder than you think

Oh, the ripple effects of your perennial worrying!

And you, my darling self,

What if are nothing bus a misfit

Who will neither evolve, nor succumb

Because you, my dear, are nothing

Except for a patient, with unaddressed ANXIETY.

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