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So I just came across Rajnikant’s trailer of “2.0” today and saw what technology could turn a person into. Now, I picked this particular movie because when I watched it’s prequel “Robot” a few years ago, I was swept off my feet. The reason being the infamous mosquito scene where Rajnikant brings back a mosquito from mosquito colony, only to make it apologize to Aishwarya for biting her.

Don’t jump to conclusions just yet, I found it extremely hilarious. I fell on the floor with laughter. It happened, not because it was funny, but because I imagined my girl gang sitting next to me and all laughing at the depth of stupidity and yet the height of fun.

And our tears behave no different from our laughs. We can cry just over anything as silly.

I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have friends who are absolutely like my family. We have grown together. We have been there in times of high school crushes, exams, families, careers, dates, break-ups, marriages, pregnancies, kids or just to sit next to each other and feel alive.

Together We laugh, we cry; we love, we fight; we break up and we, touchwood, always make up. It is the kind of relationship where the other person will either always say what you want to hear, or will make you feel, that you really needed to hear exactly "that". Reality check! Well, almost.

I am a big fan of travel and, Bali, has by far been my favorite. I have been to Bali 3 times in my life but my best trip was the one I had with my friend and her family. For the obvious reason of getting plenty of girl time to spend. However, I can't get into that right now because I need to make an important point here. So, every morning, irrespective of where you stay in Bali, you have 1 million delightful options for breakfast at the buffet table. And for a foodie like me, It definitely becomes the most important meal of the day. You have a selection of sweets and a selection of savoury. And you could even pick the healthy "bland" if you are one of those.

Before I get lost in food and Bali yet again, the point is that I have a buffet of friends of all flavours. And we all need all flavors in life because, that's what taste buds are for.“Kyonki har ek friend zaroori hota hai.”


We all need that one person who is always available and not just for the heck of it, but leaving whatever they are in the middle of and just dedicating their soul to you. To that very moment. That moment when you really need to talk. When you are about to lose it if you don’t get that talk.

You become the priority at that time. And if anything tries to come between you and that person at that time, it gets ignored and sidelined like that coriander garnish on curries.

She keeps repeating “I’m listening” when you just want to vent it all out, to reassure you that “I’m still here and I'm not leaving”.


You could be foolish enough to expect miracles like the wrong number display because of the weighing scale being broken, but your friend will tell you the truth.

This friend does not want you to live under illusions. You need to know the reality and face it in the right spirit. Very motivating.

She ALWAYS SAYS THE RIGHT THING. She comes across as a prick sometimes, but she is the only prick you need in your life to keep it together.

And yet, she will fight the devil for you. When it comes to you, she will use every weapon in the battlefield. She is like your knight in shining armor, only better because she's a she.


Do you remember the scene from “Sex and the city movie” when Carrie asks the others if she’s ever going to laugh again and Miranda responds “Yes. When something is really really funny.”

Well, for this particular friend, everything is really really funny.

From the professor with the extremely inappropriate and funny ring tone during a class to Sheldon saying “BAZOONGA” (The Big Bang Theory), she literally falls off the couch laughing. She may be a lunatic to others, but her laughter is the only contagious infection, that leaves you feeling euphoric.


This one is like superglue between everyone. She is the one who is creating and executing all group events including group chats and meetings. She will send notifications and memes about updates and keep everybody informed.

She is also the one to always remember the important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, kids’ birthdays, spouse birthdays and remind everyone to wish each other.

She will never skip any meetings, event, outings or activities that brings all friends together. Further, she will try as hard as possible to get everyone to come, solving issues and clearing schedules at individual level.

In times of fights, which happen all the time, she cannot be at peace until the feud is resolved. She can never leave any event, physical or virtual, without a “happily ever after” vibe.


She says things like “I read in a research paper by Rosnow and Foster that We should distinguish between rumor and gossip, as each appears to function differently in its pure state.”

She knows everything and she is proud of it. She wants to share her knowledge and make her friends as smart as her, in a good way. She will always give you an educated reply to even vague questions like “Does this color suit me?” You can never take her shopping again.

She is simply the only one who still has her sanity intact. She is the dependable one. She is the one who tackles the situation. You know that she must have arranged for everything above the beyond your imagination before the apocalypse.


You could be guilty of skipping her wedding because of a petty reason like distance, traffic or whatnot, but the moment she sees you, love is back in the air.

She is not only forgiving, but also, always trying to make the world a better place. She is always concerned about your kid’s health. She is great at her job and still, is in everybody’s good books. She is selfless. She wouldn’t hurt a fly. She is a saint who will only bring out the best in you.

Her favorite words are "move on" or "don't ruin yourself over a moronic revenge over a catfight" or "be the bigger person".


She wants you to feel good about yourself and be positive all the time. She wants to make you look good both in the eyes and hearts of people. She boosts your confidence all the way.

She is the best one to go shopping with. She is the one who puts your eyeliner and picks up the perfect shoes for the occasion. Her eyes always say “you are the diva” to you.


She is always up for breaking the rules with you. She will cross the boundaries(literally), jump from balconies, never worry about the time limits and do everything reckless that she possibly can with you.

She is the one you can always rely on keeping your attendance in class up to date. She always ends up getting in trouble. But her spirit of rule breaking is unbreakable. And even Oprah once said, “ my idea of heaven is a giant baked potato and someone to share it with.”

All of my friends fit into one or more of the above. As a matter of fact, they all keep hopping all the time.

When I watch stuff like Sex and the City, Bridesmaids, Friends, The Help, The Hangover 1,2 and 3, The Big Bang Theory, Orange is the New Black, Jai and Veeru (Sholay), Dil Chahta Hai, Andaz Apna Apna, Rock On, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, and many more, I say to myself, "I'm so fortunate". People who never let me down. People, without whom, my life would not be complete. People, I call my friends.

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6 komentářů

30. 11. 2018

I'm lucky to have people like you to inspire me.

To se mi líbí

30. 11. 2018

Have always loved your writing. Just keep going...miss you tons

To se mi líbí

28. 11. 2018

Dedicated to all the amazing people in my life.

To se mi líbí

Priyanka Sodhi
Priyanka Sodhi
28. 11. 2018

Loved this blog Richa. Showcases our journey so beautifully

To se mi líbí

27. 11. 2018

Thanks a bunch Nitika.

To se mi líbí

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