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Updated: Dec 13, 2018

The Jack of all trades, the all-rounder, the generalist, the answer to every “HOW”, the understated, the misunderstood, the I AM POSSIBLE about the I-M-POSSIBLE is a DENIM JACKET. 

It’s an insurance to all fashion emergencies. It’s like an umbrella that guards against fashion mishaps. It’s like coconut oil which is the MOST versatile thing on earth. 

The relationship of a girl with her wardrobe is very similar and comparable to her romantic relationships. There are always hook ups and break ups.

There is absolutely no piece of clothing, that doesn’t glorify with a DENIM JACKET on top of it. You name it and it screams out with the joy of being worn under a DENIM JACKET.


We all have that one outfit that we have had for ages and has been worn a million times. Irrespective, you are still as committed to it as Jack was to Rose (Titanic). It’s off limits for your sister or your BFF to borrow. That outfit is your answer to every event. Rather, every time you need to dress up, you ask yourself if any of the people who have seen you wearing that outfit before would be present?

As much as I hate to do this, I don’t have a choice. Your PDA has gone too far and is becoming irritating. As my mom says, “it looks like you have some uniform on”. 

The truth is, you both have had your moments and it’s time, to either break-up or to break the monotony. Bring back the spark into your relationship with your SOULMATE with a DENIM JACKET.


A couple of years ago, you were possessed by a secret obsession of a particular genre. It was like a HIGH SCHOOL ROMANCE for you. Maybe with an off-shoulder, or a blood red color, or a tube, or a summer maxi dress, or a spaghetti strap, or that cute pink top. Aaarghhhh! 

It was awesome when you started, and you were really into each other, but it ended in a few days and since then, you’ve never looked eye to eye. Now, when you look at those past photos of you wearing THAT, you say “I was such a fool”.

But yet, it’s sitting in your closet, giving you the side eye, hoping that you will fall for each other again. 

There are no flaws in any past fling whatsoever, that a DENIM JACKET cannot cover. That embarrassing and really uncomfortable off-shoulder will be a piece of cake too. 


Not all relationships are perfect. Some are stupid, ruthless, senseless and some are rather twisted. The stakeholders in such relationships make no sense to anybody. Sometimes, to even themselves. 

You find someone who seems to be the one, and you want to commit to that person whole heartedly. But there’s something about it which, in fact is a deal breaker. So you keep struggling to understand if you want to continue or quit. It’s a huge confusion. 

So, if an absolutely perfect and gorgeous piece of clothing has an issue like a stain on a sleeve, or a hole in the back, or demands hair removal, is too revealing for the occasion, or is too dressy, or requires your well-toned arms to magically come back, just throw a DENIM JACKET on top of the complicated status and make it work. 


I absolutely understand that committing to someone takes lots of guts. And every relationship does not need to have a name. It’s all very practical and opportunistic. This just means that you are free to walk away any minute. NO STRINGS ATTACHED. 

You are so friendly and comfortable with the outfit that it’s your go to look. Plus you wear it on special occasions as it gives your self-confidence the kick it needs. But you have no feelings for the thing except “we’re just friends”.

So, that white Tee and your boyfriend jeans, could still rule the world with a denim jacket added on top. It gives it the exact boost it needs for you to slay the good old classic. And you are ready for that 2nd date.

Or, it could be that kurta, which you think is the sanest piece of semi formal clothing ever. Give it a Chic makeover with a denim jacket and a pair of ankle length jeans, and you are all set for that brunch. 


I’m talking about the “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR” situation before an extremely important event. You most definitely bought a new, DIFFERENT and UNIQUE outfit, singing  -

“It's not about the money, money, money We don't need your money, money, money We just wanna make the world dance Forget about the price tag.”

And ever since, that expensive piece of weird clothing is hanging in your closet like a memorial. Put on that denim jacket on top and get rid of the guilt. Embrace your mistake with a new twist. 


Some girls have a TYPE and some don’t. However, all have a “NOT MY TYPE” type, if you know what I mean! 

Regardless, we end up owning relationships of the “Not my type” type at some point or the other. Reason is always peer pressure. 

“You can’t not buy this. You look awesome.” said by every BFF outside the trial room. 

“At least try wearing it for my sake.” said every mom while giving you a present that you feel is an absolute disaster.

That particular piece of clothing is better to be used under a denim jacket than to become a waste. 


Although, it has been established that a relationship is not working, you still are not ready to give up. You have a special place in your heart and in your brain, exclusively made available for that particular person, waiting for things to be NORMAL again.

Similarly, there is a section in your closet reserved for “when I become skinny again”. Ummm, NOT HAPPENING SWEETHEART!

Get over it. You don’t need to keep that pile in your closet forever. Either get rid of it, or find a way to fit into it, leaving the back unzipped or cut a little and a denim jacket on top of it to cover that disaster up. Pun definitely intended. 

Therefore, my friends, use what you have, just buy a DENIM JACKET, your HERO. 

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Dec 17, 2018

Cool! I'm really glad Aparna.


Dec 17, 2018

Never realised a denim jacket is such a saviour...buying it soon 🤗


Dec 13, 2018

Yup. Like I said it's the solution to every problem. 🤗


Dec 12, 2018

Oh!!!how I wish I could get my jacket back from's probably waiting for me the 'HEROINE' to get my 'HERO' the denim jacket!!


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