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To the mayhems of earth Attn. Covid...

The deeper my heart sinks

The more perturbing it gets

A chaos became a pandemonium

And in purgatory, I'm paying my debts!!

To prove your demonic powers

You played well with twists and gambits

You rose an apocalypse out of spite

For the f***** up s***show you have created

May your other mutations never see the light

The toddlers and the elderly too have mastered the internet

Which, pre-covid, seemed inconsequential

The, not by choice, socially distant human race

Has ironically put social life on a pedestal

Months ago, I cared for - LIVELY

So, even a coffee with my bestie

Was a dream far fetched,

Now, I have switched to caring for - ALIVE

we are losing someone everyday

My soul, just like other people's Is emotionally completely wretched

Every moment, every human

Hopes for you to be gone

And to tell you who the boss really is

We have, we are and we will turn every stone!!

And once you bid adieu

We will regain our social sense

When we will meet and greet and really know

Who all you took along

And who all are still playing defence

And once you bid adieu,

We might even be able to wipe these tears

We shall, yet again, begin to dream

And perhaps, handle nature with care

To keep our doors shut to others like you, covid -19.

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