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Cleaned the house off millions of toys and books,

Spent hours making that screen stop

Had a vendetta against wasting your time

Spent my life making that brain pop

Walked miles to find the right class

To expose you to sports and art,

To end up seeing you dispassionate,

I jumped up and down until you passed.

Memorize googled facts and guide your tours

Forcing you to take an interest in history and culture

I lose every time to your unimpeachable energy

When a playground is the only place, I ever conquered.

From dish to dish I skedaddle,

First, the colour of the fruit didn't match your shirt,

Then the carrot tasted like an apple.

When I twisted and twerked my body,

To get you the right nutrition

I overcame your loopholes

And got your mouth to open.

To make you fly, I climbed high-rise buildings

To save you from falls, I jumped down from cliffs

To find your favourite toy, I floated around in space

Even took in countless off-putting nappy sniffs

But here's the piece de resistance - why do I do it?

Just to make sure, that before I go to sleep every night,

Even if I feel like a failed mother

I still know that l tried all right.

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