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Friend 1, “Keep it traditional”, 

Friend 2, “No wear a dress because you have excellent knees”, 

Friend 3, “Yeah, why don’t you wear that dress which we found last month at that store?”

Friend 1, “You’d totally kill it”, 

Friend 4, “I have earrings to go with that”,

 Friend 5, “You could give them to her when we meet on Thursday for the movie”, 

Friend 2, “BTW, did you all see what Jennifer Lawrence wore to the 2018 Oscar’s ceremony? I will totally recommend that.”, 

Friend 3, “Bugger off, I’m wearing that for my daughter’s first birthday in 3 months. Made up my mind ages ago. I just need to get in shape.”,

 Friend 5, “Ok then, I’ll call my make-up artist for you. Because you don’t want to take a chance looking like a clown.” 

A few days ago, one of my friends mentioned that her brother’s engagement party is just 3 weeks away. As we know that there are a million things girls are better at than boys; planning what to wear, is definitely not one of them. Quite obviously, my friends started brainstorming the above ideas.

Why is it so important to us? I mean there sure are a billion other important things to think of for a wedding other than your dress up party ensemble. I don’t get it! But I do know that no matter how much time, money and effort it involves, a girl says, “Love my look” is just a fake hashtag that has no element of truth in it. Something always sucks about it. Either the hair, the shoes, the accessories, the colour, the lighting, the lipliner, the left eyeshadow, the pinky nailpaint; you know, the works. But can this be made less painful and tortous?


Trust me on this one. More the merrier is for parties and potato chips only.

It has to be your decision if you want to proceed with that date or do you want to say no when someone asks you out.

No matter how loyal and involved in your life your girlfriends and cousins are, if you take more than 3, alright more than 2 girls, you can absolutely never reach a decision on buying a dress.

One person doesn’t like the colour, the other one thinks the neck is too deep or, maybe, not deep enough, the next person is hung up on the fact how difficult it would be to find the right accessories. Duh! Just take your one fashion guru. 


You know that every couple has their own boundaries of cheating. For some, looking at someone is ok, a lunch or sharing an ice-cream with is platonic; however, once you are in a relationship, flirting with a third person or even searching for someone to flirt with; is a real bad thing. 

Once you have decided what to wear, stick to it and keep your focus and commitment on that. If you are a commitment phobic, just keep your chosen pieces together in a big bag and hide it at the back of your closet so that you don’t reach out for it every day and get over it soon enough. Only take it out a day before for ironing. YOU’VE GOT TO TRUST THE SPARK AND THE CHEMISTRY YOU HAD AT THAT MOMENT WHEN YOU FIRST DECIDED TO GO FOR IT. 


If you are a smart fashionista or even if you are just being a bitchy girly girl, you like to keep your look a secret till the very end. I would say, you go girl. Not for the wrong reasons, but just to avoid every person making judgments and commenting. 

There are always critics who like to pinpoint a needle thin discrepancy in your hook up and confuse you. This makes you question your choices and you start looking to find apparently better things. I’m telling you, everything happens for a good reason. Don’t ever give people the opportunity to doubt the trueness and the intensity of your happy moment of coming together.


Any relationship has to be two sided. You give your best to each other to make it work. Nobody should be required to fake anything at all just to keep the relationship going. 

You need to give your dress the right accessories and make-up and the dress needs to give you confidence and hence, a big smile. Don’t underestimate the power of the right shoes, hairdo, jewelry and makeup. You need to decide if you want to use these weapons to bring add the bling or to the bling down. Don’t leave the dress alone where it needs you the most otherwise, you won’t be seeing that smile on your face for sure. 


Most importantly, once you have made up your mind on choosing a partner for yourself, be proud of them. Afterall, you love what you love and you love it for a reason. 

So, love your chosen one and wear it with pride and show off that pride to the world with a big smile. 

Clothes and everything else linked to them are for joy and not to get stressed. Dress to kill others, and not yourself. 

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